3 Swan-Themed Inviting Kids Room Décor


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Our kids’ room needs as much attention as our own rooms. We want them to feel as comfortable as ever whenever they step into their rooms. Not to mention having a room decorated cutely to both entertain and educate them. If you are thinking about the best decor for your kids’ room, no need to worry. I have got the perfect, cute and educating decorations that will keep you kid’s room comfortable and inviting all day long.


What Are Kids’ Room Decor?

General room decor is a style or mode of decoration done in a room to add life to it, make it warm and inviting, express the personality of the owner and prevent it from been boring. For kids, their own room decor is basically any decoration that is created specifically for kids to make their room fun, entertaining and even educative. Their own decorations are a lot more than adults room decor as theirs is usually more colourful, playful, educative and all sorts of things that will make the room entertaining or interesting for them to stay in.

Why Is It Necessary To Decorate A Kids’ Room?

We have established that decorations in rooms make them more comfortable and inviting. This is exactly why it is very important to decorate your kids’ room and make it a fun space for your kid. It has to be kept in good condition as it is an indication of how much you care for their space. Trust me, you do not want to leave them with a dull or plain room as it can create an equally dull mood and a boring room which can turn them off whenever they are retiring for the night.
Always have it in mind that the decoration and look of your kids’ room plays a major role in determining the mood of the place. It can also affect their own mood too as fun and entertaining decor can actually help to get rid of anxiety and stress. This can happen if the decor is inspired by something they love or can relate to. And I have got the perfect recommendations you here.

Best Ways You Can Decorate Your Kids’ Room To Make It Look & Feel Better

If you want to redecorate or decorate your kids’ room to make it look and feel better while also keeping it fun and interesting for your kid, here are some ideas to try:
  • Paint the walls with a rich or warm colour to make the room look more appealing.
  • Bring in an element from nature and set it somewhere they can always see and get inspired.
  • Add a little shelf for books of any kind which you know they will enjoy.
  • A colourful wallpaper or creative drawing on the ceiling will go a long way.
  • Bright pops of colour in a section of the room will help lighten their mood and bring life to the room anytime.
  • A fun light fixture or fancy fan can never go wrong.
  • In all, develop a theme that will be used to inspire all decorations that will be placed in the room.

3 Swan-Themed Cute And Inviting Kids Room Décor

1. Swan Lake Hand Painted Wall Clocks

Any of these beautiful wall clocks will certainly be the best room decor or even a gift item for your kid. It will make the room very attractive and make your kids love telling the time as it is a fun item to look at. Many swan brands focus on helping kids to become creative and have a lot of fun playing. And these swan lake hand-painted wall clocks for your kids will definitely help them to tell the time even at a tender age.

Swan Lake Dancing Clock Figure


This particular swan lake dancing clock is an absolute must-have for your little princess. Seeing this each time she wants to tell the hour of the day will surely inspire her that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Some of the features of this particular clock include:

  • It has a beautiful swan lake dancing design and your kids will first be drawn by the figure designs.
  • It figures on each hour to draw your kids’ attention to the pleasant sight. Your kid’s room will also look more beautiful.
  • With this, it can help your kid tell the time on an analogue clock without always relying on digital clocks.
  • It is easy to install as the package includes self-adhesive stickers and auxiliary scale ruler for easier installation.
  • The wall clock is weatherproof and so you can comfortably use it indoors or outdoors.
  • Design is modern, classic, elegant and stylish. Wherever you hang it, you are sure it will add a chic touch to the place.
  • It adopts imported silent no-ticking quartz movement to ensure a good sleeping environment. You don’t have to fear it will pose a distraction for your child.

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Swan Lake Ballet Wall Clock with Acrylic Painting

If you have a daughter who adores carton characters, love dancing or aspiring to join ballet classes, this is the perfect decor inspiration for her room. trust me, every time she casts her eyes on this beautiful piece, she will understand that determination will definitely push her through. Some of the features include:

  • A silent non-ticking mechanism with a sweeping movement that makes sleeping smooth without distraction as your kid is sure to enjoy a quiet environment.
  • The clock dial is made of acrylic board, with a crystal-like material, you are sure that this will make it easy for you to clean.
  • It comes with 2 mounting options that will help it stand alone on a table/desk or hung properly on the wall.
  • It fits most of the decor in any room as it is a unique design that can make any atmosphere elegant and noble just like the bird (swan) that inspires it.

If you are looking to add this to your kids’ room decor, head over to this link for the price, reviews and more details on Amazon.

 Vintage Swans On Lake Decorative Wall Clock 

A male or female child? This fairytale vintage wall clock is the next best thing that would happen to your kids’ walls (well aside from a creative painting or wallpaper, lol). It is catchy, decorative and calming to look at. Here are some features you may like about this wall clock:

  • The clock numbers are bold enough for your kids to identify. It is also great for learning environments aside from your kid’s room.
  • It is a silent wall clock that has no noise or loud ticking, With this, you won’t bother about any disturbance once your kids are reading, having a quiet time or sleeping.
  • This particular clock is made of environmentally friendly materials that will not cause pollution.
  • The clock’s number is clear enough for kids to read as there is no glass cover or frame covering it.
  • Its design is practical and beautiful and any child will like it no doubt.
  • Battery operated clock that doesn’t consume too much energy fast.
  • Easy to stand on the desk with also a hook if you choose to hang it on the wall.
  • The perfect decoration with a stylish retro style that is ideal for any room.
  • Gift idea for kids of any age. For Christmas, children’s day, birthday, holiday etc. You can share the love with this beautiful wall clock made with love.

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2. Simple, Creative Bedroom Wallpaper Stickers With Swan Design

Having a removable swan wall décor for your kid’s bedroom is one way of making the room look and feel more beautiful. Swan designs are also the best gifts to give your kids especially if they love the bird, have watched a lot about it, seen it real or just feel inspired by it. It is a wall design and apart from beautifying kid’s room, it is suitable for other purposes which is mostly inspiration.


Features of Swan Wall Decals
  • The swan wall sticker actually sticks on the wall without any creases. It is made using PVC material that is eco-friendly and non-toxic so you are sure that your kids will be safe having it in the room.
  • You can easily remove and reposition this swan wallpaper so long as the surface is dry and smooth. It will not leave any sticker residue.
  • This wallpaper can be placed anywhere in the room. On a window, door, closet, wall, ceiling or any suitable surface.
  • It is of superior quality bringing a new feature and good mood to your kids’ room. 
  • Application is easy and it is detachable, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, moisture-resistant and also very durable.

Want to surprise your kid and change the overall loom of their room with this? See the link to the page on Amazon to get more details and the price.

3. Swan-Patterened Room Rug For Kids

Having a beautiful rug for your child’s room is a great idea especially when your kids are learning to crawl or just love playing around on the floor. This particular room rug is made just to suit a wide range of needs to make your child have an all-round benefit for using the product. A design that incorporates the fun aspects of lives and the need for learning is certainly the best for your kid. It is also important for kids to have a safe place to play and learn because, without a combination of both, learning will not be easy. The main purpose of the rug is to decorate and beautify the kid’s room but it does that creatively.


Features of Baby Room Rug
  • At first the sight of the rug, one will come face to face with beautiful patterns and designs that will make your kid’s room look beautiful. There are many colours on it. The designs are also inspiring and entertaining. Your kid will be excited about this and will move from one side of it to another to look at the pictures.
  • The size is considerably large for your kid to play on. It has a size of 3’x5′ / 36 x 60 inches.
  • The material is flannelette fabric surface, highly absorbent, and quick drying. It is also non-toxic and allows kids to play and crawl freely. While the surface is soft, it is rough below. This way your kids will certainly be comfortable on the rug.
  • Anti-skid polyester rubber with PVC dots to prevent shifting and skidding. This rug is non-slippery. This means that your kids will be able to freely play without any fear of slipping. That is why it is suitable for use on different surfaces.
  • You can perfectly use this in your kid’s room or as the centre rug in other rooms. It can serve as decor for your home during a holiday or themed party.
  • It’s also an ideal birthday, baby shower, marriage or festival/housewarming gifts.
  • It is easy to clean even when your kids can easily spill food and milk on it. You need not worry about that if you are using Teytoy Baby Rug. With a soft moist material you can clean stains from the rug and it is easy to do that.

Do you think your child will love to have it in their room? OR do you just want to surprise them with this rug for their room decor This link will take you to the page on Amazon with complete details and where you will choose if it’s what you want.



Swans are very lovable and loyal birds which a lot of people look to for inspiration. Remember when decorating your kids’ room, the less complicated the decor is, the better for the child so that the room doesn’t look too busy and they get overwhelmed. This is exactly why the above products are like the best kids’ room decor you can use to kick off your child’s decoration while working towards getting more to add to them,


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