How To Make A Swan Out Of A Towel: 2 Easy, Cute DIY Crafts for Your Home Decor

Towels are not just for drying off. They can also be transformed into charming crafts that will bring life to your home. You can create a deer, a cow, or an elephant with these DIY ideas! Here is one of the most adorable DIY tutorials ever: how to make a swan out of a towel. … Read more

7 Ways To Stop A Swan Attack: How to Avoid/ Prevent Swan Attack

Swans are described as the “guardians of the river”. They are beautiful, but also aggressive creatures, but how do you stop a swan attack? If you’ve ever been attacked by a swan, you know how brutal it can be. A swan attack leaves you with bruises, scratches, and some pretty nasty injuries. It’s not always … Read more

Can You Feed A Swan When You See Them?


Swans are the largest known water birds that belong to the class Anatidae and are related intimately to ducks and geese. They are herbivorous feeders that eat from such varieties like pondweed, stonewort, wigeon grass and sometimes, though rarely, even insects. In addition to foraging for food by themselves in their habitats, they sometimes depend … Read more