Best 4 Decorative Swan-Designed Light Bulbs For Rooms


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Light bulbs are meant to illuminate our homes mainly,  but they may have other functions as well. They can serve as items of beauty to the admiration of visitors, especially where they give very adorable and attractive lights. Additionally, they may have other attributes that can make them quite exceptional and worth having in our homes. For these reasons, special care should be taken to ensure that we choose the right kind of light bulbs for our living room, bedroom or any other room. In this post, I want to share with you the best light bulbs for your rooms are those are decorative ones. Well, not just plain or boring decorative light bulbs, but swan-designed light bulbs that would bring your room to life.


What Are Decorative Light Bulbs?

Decorative light bulbs are just light bulbs that come in decorative styles and can be used as decorations when you are looking to decorate your room. They would shine like regular light bulbs we get in the market, but they are often styled with better details that stand them out. They can be made in fancy designs or inspired by a lovely creature or theme. Many people often overlook this type of light bulb not knowing that the details can take your lighting fixtures to their style’s zenith.

So basically light bulbs are considered to be decorative when they come in fancy and cute shapes, sizes and styles. From chandelier bulbs to nightstand bulbs to even mirror bulbs, you can always find something that would catch your fancy.

Buyers’ Guide For Room Decorative Light Bulbs

So you want to buy a decorative light bulb for any of your rooms and you are not sure what to look out for? Let me show you some simple yet powerful tips to guide you in your choice of decorative bulbs. Remember it is one thing to take your money to where you can buy this, it is another thing to purchase the best bulb that will serve you as long as possible without any regrets. Here are the major things to look out for whenever you make up your mind to purchase a decorative light bulb:

  1. The light bulbs you buy should have a long life span which enables them to serve you for long without issues.
  2. They should also not flicker while in use lest they affect your sight with a beam angle of at least 360 degrees for wide coverage.
  3. Another quality they ought to have is the ability to save energy and by so doing assist you to cut on excessive electricity tariff.
  4. They should be ideal for use in table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, ceiling fans or ornamental fixtures with E14 candelabra sockets.
  5. Whether dimmable or not, they should be able to give instant light when turned on.
  6. Harmful substances like Mercury and Lead must not be contained in them since they are established to be injurious to human health.
  7. They must come equipped with clear glass and high transmittance.
  8. Their installation should be easy and quick to accomplish and for that, they should be provided with an E14 base for instant illumination without any delay when flicked on.
  9. The light bulbs should have a high colour rendering index that gives more vivid and natural lights with a 360 degrees beam angle.
  10. In cases of any after purchase complaints, they ought to have a lengthy warranty to protect the customers right and give maximum satisfaction.
  11. Though it may not be all that possible for most light bulbs, the most recommended ones should have international certification by electricity regulatory bodies for their safety and durability.

Now that you are probably familiar with what to look out for, let’s talk about some swan design light bulbs that meet these requirements and are all available to purchase right online.


Best 4 Decorative Swan-Designed Light Bulbs

If you are wondering why you need to get a swan designed light bulb for your room in the first place, let me give you two major reasons why you will love them:

  • Swans are unique, elegant and confident birds that anyone would love to relate with. They represent merrymaking, love, beauty and confidence. Anyone who casts their eyes on it would definitely feel the vibe and strive to imitate these beautiful creatures.
  • The unique and appealing nature of swan-themed light bulbs would definitely leave your room looking pleasant, warm and inviting always.

So now that you see a few reasons why this should be your best choice, let me show you 4 light bulbs that are durable, cute and would serve you for as long as possible.

  1. GUOCHENG Swan Marquee LED Night Light Decor Battery Operated Table Lamps.
  2. Fantasy Field Swan Lake Night Table Lamp, Inspiring Hand Painted Non-Toxic.
  3. Tiffany Style Handmade Mosaic Swan Neck Night Lampshade For All Rooms.
  4. Swan-Themed Delicate Ceramic Night Lamp Decoration With Holes For Warm Light.

These light bulbs and really amazing choices and I will be sharing with you why I chose them.

1. GUOCHENG Swan Marquee LED Night Light Decor:

If you are one of those that love your night lights to be fancy but without wires, this swan marquee LED night light is going to be a good one for you. It doesn’t occupy space, gives a more safe and stable power supply and can be carried about with ease. It is perfect for an adult room as well as a kid’s room or even nursery.


Product description
  • This swan designed table lamp comes with a brightness that is not harmful to sight. It operates with two AA batteries which give it a stable and safe power supply and hence it can be used in the children’s room.
  • It is covered with a two (2) year warranty for your protection.
  • It comes with a nice gift box and is a perfect gift for kids or ladies for Christmas, New Year, Birthday or other special occasions.
  • The long lifespan is about 1500 hours despite any regular and persistent use.
  • It comes equipped with a clear finish chandelier candle. Additionally, they have odourless and strong ABS plastics.
  • You are sure to enjoy instant fully dimmable light. It has a stable foot and hanging holes at the back that it can be put on a table, shelf and dresser at night.
  • It is a good household and decorative lighting.

Does this look like something you will like to have? If yes, hit this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you can see more about it and get one for yourself. If no, well, check the next options to see more that will surely suit your taste.

2. Fantasy Field Swan Lake Night Table Lamp & Decor:

Love a swan lake them to decorate your room at night while also lighting it up? Trust this fantasy swan lake themed table lamp to do just that for you. It is sure to give your room a warm and inviting glow. And if you are using it for your kid, be sure it will soothe them to sleep right after your closing lullaby or bedtime story.


Product description
  • This swan lake inspired bulb comes with a chandelier candle lamp.
  • The bulb is rated at 240V-15W for maximum illumination and 360 degrees beam angle.
  • It saves energy and by so doing effectively reduces the tariff you pay for electricity.
  • This bulb is covered with a two-year warranty for maintenance after purchase.
  • Safety-hand-painted by skilful designers with non-toxic paint to give you the best look your room will love.
  • Product size is 10″(L) x 10″(W) x 14.5″(H).
  • Its life span of 1500 hours will ensure it gives you value for money always.
  • There is a high colour rendering index that gives you more vivid and natural light with a 360 degrees beam angle.
  • This can serve as a perfect gift for anyone as it is fancy, portable and unique.
  • It has a versatile design and can be used by people of any age.

I bet you will love this particular night light room decor. Quickly visit this link to get one for yourself and maybe a loved one or friend.

3. Tiffany Style Handmade Mosaic Swan Neck Night Lampshade:

If your target is something super unique, fancy, handmade and worth every penny, this Mosaic Swan Neck light is your best bet. It is elegant just like the swan bird itself and it can bring life to any room while giving it an atmosphere of serenity and warmness.


Product description
  • The light bulb is of high quality with an extremely long life span and a beam angle of 360 degrees.
  • It does not flicker which serves to protect your eyes from being affected by it.
  • Energy saving is one of its prominent features and for which reason it saves un-necessary hike in electricity tariff.
  • The lamp is handmade and each detail is added with pure love.
  • This decorative hanging metal star has mosaic glasses and beads on the glass globe making it more beautiful to behold.
  • It has clear safety glass with high transmittance.
  • It does not contain any substances that are injurious to health like Mercury or Lead.
  • They are ideal for use as table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and so on.
  • Approximate height is 17″ (44cm) and approximate globe diameter is 7″(18cm).

Want this swan neck beauty to adorn and light up your room? Click this link to be taken to the page on Amazon where you can read more about it, see the price and hear what others have to say about it.

4. Swan-Designed Delicate Ceramic Night Lamp Decoration:

This swan-shaped night light room decor will make you feel at ease whenever you turn it on. it gives a calming effect and is sure to keep you feeling warm inside and outside just by having its light around you.


Product description
  • This night light saves energy and hence reduce tariff by about 80 per cent.
  • It has a very long life span.
  • Installation of this bulb is quick and easy with an E14 base that lights instantly without delay.
  • It has a high colour rendering index that gives more vivid and natural light with 360 degrees beam angle.
  • The bulb also comes with two years warranty for maintenance.

You can get this swan night light bulb for yourself by clicking this link to learn more about it and also order one of yours on Amazon.


Now you can be sure you have seen the best swan-designed light bulbs. They have all that you may require in a light bulb and will definitely provide real value for your money well spent. As unique and well-made as they are, your room is sure to take a different beauty while also giving you the best look and feel you will love to enjoy.


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