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A bed canopy and net is not just any luxury bedding material, it is most definitely one of the things your room needs to give you that peaceful and well-deserved rest. If you have been searching for a simple way to help you have the sweetest sleep on your bed, or you are looking to switch your room’s style while protecting yourself at night, you are in luck. In this post, I’ll be showing you one of the best bedding canopy and net that will certainly make your room feel warm and inviting, while also giving you the best sleep you will always look forward to.

What Is A Bed Canopy?

A bed canopy is simply a decorative or ornate fabric that is draped over your bed with the aid of pillars or screws to hold it up. The function basically is to create a ceiling or canopy over your bed to keep out dust, mosquitoes, insects, etc, while also giving you extra privacy and uninterrupted sleep. It comes in different sizes, shapes, designs and types. They are varieties that are available to suit your different needs and also guarantee a good and restful sleep each night.


What Is A Bed Net?

A bed net commonly called a mosquito net is a type of netting that is draped over a bed to encircle it and protect whoever is in it from dust, dirt or insect bites. It is in an important form and mostly used in mosquito control to prevent malaria and related illnesses. A bed net will ensure that you sleep peaceful, undisturbed by annoying mosquitoes and also less bothered about what might likely be hovering over your ears.

Why Do You Need A Bed Canopy And Net?

We can’t really downplay the importance of having a bed net and canopy over your bed. It can come on very handy for many reasons that many people tend to overlook. If you have never thought of having a bed canopy and net before, let me show you some reasons why this is necessary for you to own:

  • One of the main reasons why people need a bedding mosquito net and canopy is mostly because they need a good sleep and in a region where mosquitoes are common, it’s a bit difficult to really enjoy that each night. A net, in this case, will keep you out of the reach of these insects and allow you to sleep through the night undisturbed.
  • People get bedding mosquito nets for the purpose of protecting themselves from mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are known to transmit malaria and other infections particularly the female Anopheles mosquito. Sleeping under a bed mosquito net will ensure that these insects do not get to you to have a bite.
  • A bed canopy can give you extra privacy because it is draped over your bed and may not allow someone who’s outside the canopy to see you clearly when it’s closed.
  • With a bed canopy and net, you are sure to protect your bed from dust and dirt, thereby keeping the sheets and bedding linens clean all the time. This would make it require less washing and in turn, will make it last longer since it won’t wear out fast.

Why Mosquito Net?

You may argue that any net or no net at all is fine for you. But the thing is, a net, not just any net, but a net specially made to keep mosquitoes out is very necessary for any home. Here are some reasons why:

1. Infection Prevention:

Research has shown that malaria poses a serious health risk to everyone. Nursing mothers and newborn babies face a higher risk of infection from this insect which is capable of sucking human blood and infecting it with plasmodium. Mosquitoes are very much around during seasons like summer, rain and winter when they can breed in stagnant water from where they enter homes and disturb people at night. The use of mosquito nets and those that are treated is the best way to protect yourself from them while asleep.  Mosquitoes cannot penetrate a bed net and they can even be found hanging outside the nets after passing on. Sleeping without worrying about them is the most soothing feeling that anyone can have. The irritating sounds that they make close to the ear can interrupt even the sweetest of sleep and create discomfort. Without a net, you can actually lie on your bed and keep turning to different sides all night when faced with the disturbance that these insects can cause.

2. Cold wind Prevention:

Bedding mosquito nets also come with curtain fittings and anti-glare that prevents wind from disturbing you while you are in bed during cold nights. It is also breathable enough to allow air to come in just fine during hot nights. This helps you to have maximum sleep without any distraction from the wind or a sudden change in room temperature, especially in cold weather.

3. Offering Privacy:

Having a net that is not all too transparent can give you a level of privacy once you are in it. Most people go for nets that come with the canopy itself as it can give them the extra privacy they need. The canopies are usually fabrics and that means people can’t see through it to find you inside. You can have the net separately without the canopy and still get some privacy; but ideally, people have a special preference for bedding nets that come with curtains because it performs a dual function.

There will always be summer when it is highly recommended for every home to use a bedding mosquito net or winter when it can be so windy that some bedding canopy will shake and sway. These are times when people go in search of the best bedding canopy; they also look for the right mosquito nets that can shield from the annoying mosquitoes.


Things To Consider When Choosing A Bed Canopy And Net For Your Room

There are various kinds of mosquito nets and canopies that can protect you and your household from dust, dirt and the nuisance of having mosquitoes around. Some are made to suit the needs of nursing mothers, children, couples and singles so there is often a lot of choosing and selecting when it comes to finding the right bedding canopy and mosquito net. Here are a few things to have in mind when you want to make the best choice for your bed:

1. Flexibility:

You can find mosquito nets independently of bed canopy which is used for its anti-glare qualities but it will be in your best interest to buy beddings that have both mosquito nets and anti-glare bed curtains which are basically canopies. The 2-in-1 nature will save you cost and give you value for money. And it will give you the flexibility of choice as to which to use for a particular season or on some occasions.

2. Designs:

A canopy with an amazing design will definitely be pleasing to the eyes while luring you to sleep each time you walk in at night to retire for the day. A four-corner sized canopy will look good when fitted in your bed giving you maximum relaxation. Design plays a vital role in motivating people to choose one bedding mosquito net over another because they would prefer to go for a design they can easily relate to so they can feel comfortable each time they are inside it.

3. Features:

Features may also include the materials that are used in producing the materials but generally, the features are the visible qualities of the bed canopy that makes them easy to use. Having a bedding mosquito net and canopy that has more than two exit points make its use more comfortable. This will give you an option to leave it tied to one side for more air to come on, or closed on all sides for maximum privacy.

4. Size:

You may want to know the size of the bed canopy that you wish to purchase to be sure it will fit your bed perfectly and not occupy space in your room. Sizes vary so after you have settled other issues about your bed canopy, you can then ensure that they meet your desired size.


Trust me, putting all these together will definitely help you make the right choice for your bed canopy and net and make your bedroom look great, warm and inviting.

The Best Bed Canopy And Net That Will Guarantee Comfortable Sleep

The most important thing we look out for whenever we step into the room at night is just to have a night of uninterrupted sleep. A lot of factors like destressing, quietness, the right clothing, smooth bed sheets/pillow/duvet etc, come into play to ensure you get a comfortable sleep. But one of the most important factors is having protection over your head and sleeping comfortably knowing that you won’t be bothered by mosquito, wind or privacy. This is exactly why OBOKIDLY Swan-Designed 2-In-1 Bed Canopy And Mosquito Net is the best option to ensure that the major part of your sleep is not disturbed. This swan-designed package includes a bed canopy and a mosquito net. It has all the desired features in addition to a canopy that is sure to guarantee a comfortable sleep. If you have eyes for beauty, then you should like this cute four corner post bed curtain which has the swan bird design that will make your bedroom look inviting always.


Why This Swan-Designed 2-In-1 Bed Canopy And Net Is The Best Option

Aside from the fact that this bed canopy and the net is enough to fully protect you and your bed from dirt, dust and insects, there are still many other reasons why you should consider it as the best option for your room. Here are the features of this bed canopy and net that explains why you need these to make your bedroom look great and provide protection for yourself:

1. The Perfect Mosquito Net:

You do not need to worry about mosquitoes because this net is made of long-lasting thick and encrypted polyesters which offer natural protection against mosquitoes. This implies that there is no need for you to use insecticide treatment for the net since they have the natural capacity to keep mosquitoes and insects away. For those that are quite organic in their taste, this is your best choice from avoiding unnatural chemicals.

2. It Has Anti- Glare:

This anti-glare quality in a way performs the function of a bed curtain because it is able to prevent light from entering the bed. When you cover all sides of the bed with the anti-glare, no one will see you while you sleep and you would not be disturbed by what happens around, neither will you have light streaking in. This is best for people who do not like to be disturbed by the early morning sun or lights in the room.

3. The Unique Design:

Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of your home that deserves a beautiful appearance because that is where you relax and have a good sleep after the day’s activities. This swan bed canopy and mosquito net that is colourful and beautiful will give your room the kind of atmosphere that will relax you once you get in.

4. Windproof:

It has four corners and the fabric is strong enough which makes it windproof and suitable for outdoor purposes too. When the wind blows against it, the four edges keep it standing and stop unnecessary motion while you have comfortable sleep. It can also keep out cold winds during cold nights so you are sure to get the extra warmth you need inside. It is this canopy feature that supports its ability to resist the wind.

5. Suitable For All:

Depending on the size that you need, this is suitable for everyone including; adults, boys, girls, teens. You don’t have to worry about their individual needs because the qualities that the bed canopy and net has encompasses all.

6. Beautifies Your Room:

Your bedroom will look like a royal palace when you use this bedding mosquito net and canopy that will form a covering over your bed. This is in addition to the beauty and design that it will add to your bedroom. Not to mention that it has little light bulbs around it that you can turn on to light up your room and give it a soft, warm glow.

7. Easy To Wash:

The product is strong enough to give you all the protection you need, yet soft enough to allow you to wash it using water temperature of not more than 40 degrees. You do not have to worry about weight because the product is light and it can be washed with a machine but it should be kept away from sharp objects to avoid getting tears fast.

8. Long-lasting:

The Obokidly bed canopy and net are made with very durable materials that will keep it long enough without making it wear out fast. It is long-lasting too so you are sure that you will be enjoying your package as long as possible.

9. Swan-Designed:

If you are a lover of nature or you love the swan in general, then this will definitely catch your interest. The swan is that beautiful bird that a lot of people love and always talk about as it is a lovable bird and one that is a symbol of love. The swan has got a lot of fascinating things going around about it. Having a product design inspired by it is beautiful and leaves you on an adventure of watching swans instead of counting sheep whenever you are trying to fall asleep.

10. Different Sizes To Choose From:

This particular product has up to four varieties of sizes to suit your needs. As earlier identified, it is suitable for everyone including children, teenagers and adults. These are the sizes to show that you can always find one for any member of the family:

  • Twin XL size: 47 by 78 by 78 (width by length by height)
  • Queen size: 59 by 78 by 78 (width by length by height)
  • King Size: 78 by 78 by 78 (width by length by height)
  • California king-size: 70 by 86 by 78 (width by length by height)

With all the above features of this 2-in-1 bed canopy and net, you are sure that you have made the right choice for yourself and maybe your family. This Obokidly 2-in-1 bedding mosquito net innovatively contains all that you can desire in a bedding canopy. It has many unique features that address one aspect of your bedding need or another and so you must benefit from it one way or the other.



I believe you will definitely agree with me that the features of the Obokidly 2-in-1 bedding mosquito net have proved to be the best response to your bedding questions in terms of finding the right product that will meet your needs. It helps you to gain a lot without spending much money. The many unique features that it has does not make it complex, rather, it is very simple to use and maintain while allowing you to get value for your money.

Want to grab one of yours? Or you just want to check out the price and other details and maybe add it to your wishlist for later? You can check it by clicking here and also get to see reviews of other people that have been able to purchase and use it too.

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