Beautiful Swan Lake Mirror Table Set Your Kids Will Love


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Aside from your own words of affirmation, nothing beats a tool which your kids can look into and be reassured of their confidence and beauty. Some people think it’s awkward leaving mirrors in their child’s room, but I tell you that your kids will appreciate a mirror in their room for many reasons. And that’s exactly why you need to choose a mirror which has a theme your kids can relate to and which they can see and pick lessons from the personality behind it. In this post, I will share with you the best mirror inspired by swan lake which you can get for your kids and make them enjoy watching their reflection in it.


Why Is Having A Mirror For Your Kids Important?

Mirrors are objects you look into to see a clear image of your reflection. It is amazing to see kids standing before their mirrors for one thing or the other. If you have ever wondered why on earth you need to give your child (male or female) a mirror for their room, let me give you reasons why this is very important:

  • With a mirror in the room, your child has a better way to rehearse his class drama or practice any presentation he may be working towards.
  • Watching your reflection in the mirror each morning can boost your confidence and esteem because you have an idea of what you are and won’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
  • It has been proven that standing and staring at your reflection in the mirror every morning can reassure you and clear any wrong claims people outside are trying to plant in your head.
  • Kids with a mirror in their room tend to understand their body faster. They have enough time to look at their eyes, nose or any other body part critically and observe any change they go through.
  • Mirror in your child’s room will greatly support their healthy development and learning.
  • It will help develop their visual senses as they are faced with a clear image of themselves which they can look at without been told to stop staring rudely.

Why The Swan Lake Mirror Is The Best Choice

There are varieties of mirrors that kids will love but the best one you can buy for them is one that has a message behind it. A message which they may be able to relate to and even use as life lessons. First off, if you make a research about the Swan Lake, you will learn that it was initially a ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875–76. It will interest you to know that despite its initial failure, it is now one of the most popular ballets of all time. Swan lake has been performed in plays an acted as movies with different story plots.

The most important lesson that is prominent in all the swan lake displays is centred around perseverance. You will also find purity, love and beauty; and all these are traits you need your kids to emulate. Most kids must have come across a Swan Lake movie, either the Barbie series or any other one that played out with the themes. If your kids are yet to watch any, I will recommend you play one for them (like this one), as there are a whole lot of life lessons to pick up from there. The thing is kids can totally relate to the swan lake experience and a whole lot of them love the adventure involved in the kids’ version.

Beautiful Swan Lake Ballerina Mirror In Wooden Vanity Table And Stool

Nothing beats a lovely swan-designed item that has unique features. The swans, which we all know are loveable and loyal birds which are used as a symbol of love. You can’t imagine what significance that would show if your both a swan-inspired item for them which they can use daily. To top it off and make it even more awesome, a swan lake themed item will go a long way in igniting their adventurous minds and always reminding them of the positive lessons found in the play.

I present to you the beautiful swan lake mirror and table set made just to suit what your kids really need to have a lot of fun and learning. Swan lake may be attributed to just the female child, but trust me, your male child can enjoy just as much as the girls. You can be certain that this set will blow your kid’s mind and make them count you as he special one all over again.


About The Swan Lake Mirror And Table Set

This product is a swan lake ballerina wooden vanity table with a mirror at the centre and a stool to complete the set. This is a product that deserves to be in every growing kids’ room because of its immense suitability for them. It has a pretty swan design which is visible to kids and has other useful features that can be easily used by your kids for their makeup if they are involved in any.



Features Of This Swan Lake Mirror

1. Safety:

This swan lake ballerina is a wooden table with an inbuilt mirror and a stool which is totally safe for kids that are 3 years old and above. It does not have a complex design and it can be easily understood and used. Some parents worry about getting the safest mirror set for their little kids because some materials make use of lead in the paints that are used on them. They also want an item that will not pose any risk to their kids since they often spend a lot of time with it. But with this mirror set, you can comfortably leave your little child with it and have nothing to worry about. The mirror is built into the table and there is no room for sharp edges to show and hurt them. And also the materials used are kid-friendly with no toxic paint or other harmful chemicals that would irritate their skin.


2. Inspiring For Kids:

That tender age of 3 years and above is when kids get to do more exploring and learning. It will be great for them to do that with a swan lake ballerina vanity table and stool because the design is inspiring. It has handcrafted designs and hand painting done on it and kids will love to see it as they go about dressing up or preparing for a presentation for their dances or plays. It also uses friendly colours like white and pink.

3. Beautiful Design:

The mirror table set is designed with graceful, hand-carved swan designs. Many kids grew up watching or hearing about the swans and what better way to relate to it than seeing it right in front of them each day while using their mirror. Swans are considered to be among the most beautiful birds and your kids can see the swan design very close to the mirror and they will feel special about it.

swan-mirror-set swan-mirror-set

4. Easy To Setup:

You need not worry about how to set up this set for your kids because it is simple. Also, the package contains a step by step guide on how to do that and it takes at most 25 minutes to set it up. The ballerina design will definitely suit any kids’ bedroom and playroom to develop imagination and creativity.

5. Storage Space For Jewellery Or Precious Items:

There is a drawer in the middle where you can find keep your kid’s jewellery, fancy colouring box, presentation scripts or anything else they take to be precious to them and that they often use. Storing these things in the drawer would make it super easy for them to reach it right when they are seating in front of their mirror.

6. Durable And Sturdy:

You may also want to consider this mirror set for your kids as it is durable and sturdy with legs made from real wood. This whole table is made of solid wood that can take 100lb. This means your child’s weight can comfortably sit on this without risk of breaking it. It is also long-lasting so you do not have to worry about durability. It also has a wooden construction of T: 25. 875″(W)*11. 75″(L)*39. 125″(H) C: 14″(w)*12″(l)*14. 75″(H).


7. A Real Mirror:

The mirror at the centre of the table is real, so your little darling can have their presentation, dress up or makeup right in front of the mirror with a clear image of themselves reflecting back. It is just the perfect place for your kids’ learning and entertainment activities.

8. Ease Of Cleaning:

It is easy to clean and is well fitted. You can easily wipe off dust and dirt and have it looking clean and sparkly after each use.

Additions To The Swan Lake Mirror Set

Just in case you want to complete your kids’ collection, here are two extra recommendations you may like:

  • A Swan Lake play makeup set for your little kids to play with makeup and see if they can develop a passion for it.swan-lake-pretend-play-makeup-set-for-kids
  • A Swan Lake kids table lamp that can be placed on the mirror table for then to use whenever they need to get something done in the room and there’s no light.


Not Sure About The Swan Lake Mirror Table Set?

If you are not sure that the swan lake mirror set is what you want for your child or you want something else you child will relate to; here are 3 more amazing recommendations that come quite close to the swan lake set and which your little one will love:

1. Castle Kids Mirror Vanity:

This castle kids mirror vanity is an improvement of the Swan Lake Ballerina Wooden Vanity Table and Stool. It is a new version that has more inspiration, creativity and adventure.



  • This product features a stool where your little child can sit on while applying their makeup, rehearsing or just looking at the mirror to admire themselves and boost their confidence.
  • This is actually the perfect gift for your kids which comes with a drawer. The essence of the drawer is to create more spaces for your little child to explore while playing around. Common and regular items can be kept there.
  • It is sturdy and durable and can comfortably carry a little child’s weight.
  • The mirror is well-positioned and it is surrounded by beautiful designs.
  • You will find 4 pieces of accessories included – 1 throne, 1 bed, 1 bathtub, and 1 treasure box for your kid to play with on days they feel bored.
2. Kidkraft Deluxe Vanity Table, Mirror And Chair:
If you want something bigger and classy for your kid, this product from Kidkraft is your best choice. It’s solid, amazing and just the perfect fit for any kid who has learnt how to sit comfortably on their own and play without extra support.


  • This set has one large acrylic mirror and two adjustable side acrylic mirrors so that you kid can look at their reflection from all angles.
  • It has four shelves for storing presentation scripts, makeup, clothes, toys and more.
  • You are guaranteed of very good quality and a product that is durable and lasting enough for your child to enjoy it for long.
  • The matching white chair perfectly fits easily under the vanity table.
  • The table’s dimension is 41″ L x 16″ W x 46″ H and that of the chair is 14″ L x 14″ L x 28″ H; Seat: 14″
3. Pretty & Posh Vanity Set with Stool:

This kid’s plastic mirror set is made up of a table, mirror and chair wth extra accessories on it to make everything fun for your child. It places more attention on the mirror to give kids the sweet feeling of actually making up for a dance or playing with makeup items. If your kids love to play pretend or likes experimenting with makeup, this is definitely your best choice.




  • The mirror is spherical in shape and it is the perfect match little kids from 3 years old.
  • Your kids can store all their favourite accessories in the storage or inside the drawer.
  • It is shatterproof especially as it’s made of plastic, and the mirror sits comfortably inside hiding all sharp edges.
  • Even if they are practising or getting ready at night, your child can turn on the working vanity light and go on with what they are doing
  • It comes with little addons which include a 3-piece accessory set, 1 comb, 1 brush and 1 hand mirror to make sitting in front of the mirror even more entertaining for your kid.

Want to see a swan lake movie yourself?

If you really want to watch a play, movie, or read a book about the swan lake and understand exactly what the hype has been all about, here is where you can start. You can simply click on any of them to be taken to each of the pages for more details:

  • The original Swan Lake audio from Tchaikovsky: This audio is the original Swan Lake score performed by one of the best orchestras in the world under the direction of Andre Previn who is also one of the best conductors. I can assure you that you will enjoy this recording for many years to come as it features many of the audios you will love.
  • Barbie Of Swan Lake Movie: If you are a fan of Barbie movies or you just love yourself a little movie with lots of fancy things, breaking spells, girls under magic and guys falling in love, by all means, grab this movie. I have watched this a couple of times while growing up and I must say that it never gets old. This is really the best version of the Swan Lake story and any person in any age is sure to enjoy this thrilling act from the beginning while getting hooked in till the end.
  • Swan Princess Based On Swan Lake: This is one of those animations every child would be thrilled to watch at any age because it almost never gets old. It is a delightful movie with wonderful music and an exciting storyline you will definitely enjoy.
  • The Swan Lake Hardcover Book: The magical story illustrated in this book follows the storyline, choreography, costumes, and sets of the New York City Ballet’s production of Swan Lake. It is captivating and also every reader’s delight as you wouldn’t want to put it down because of the amazing images you will find throughout the book.
  • The Swan Lake Story Orchestra: From the illustration, the music and the style of writing, you will love everything about this book. The story orchestra series brings classical music to life through gorgeously illustrated retellings of classic ballet stories like the Swan Lake paired with 10-second sound clips of orchestras playing from their musical scores.

Swan Lake | Cincinnati Ballet


Well, now that you know just why the swan lake inspired set is best or maybe you have thought of trying the others, I can totally guarantee that you are making the best choice for your child. Trust me, with any of the above mirrors, table and chair sets, you are sure to make learning, rehearsals and dressing up fun for your little one. They will keep on encouraging themselves in the mirror each day and grow to become very confident in themselves to persevere, share love and stand tall.


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