How Many Eggs Does a Goose Lay Before Sitting?

How Many Eggs Does a Goose Lay Before Sitting? Geese usually lay a clutch of 12–15 eggs and then go broody.Goose eggs are delicious, but how exactly do those birds produce them? Most people probably don’t think about it much, but the process of a goose laying eggs is actually pretty interesting. You might know that geese … Read more

How Often Do Geese Lay Eggs?

‍ How Often Do Geese Lay Eggs? Geese are a type of waterfowl, which means they are birds that can live both on land and the water. Their natural habitat is open fields where there is plenty of vegetation for them to eat, as well as water sources for them to dip their thirsty toes … Read more

Do Geese Mate for Life?

Do Geese Mate for Life? Geese are large, often noisy birds with a reputation for being mean. Most people know that geese mate for life, but do they really? Does a goose ever leave its partner to find another? Do they stay together through thick and thin, good times and bad?  Or are these birds … Read more

Can You Buy a Swan?

Can You Buy a Swan? You may have seen people posting photos of swans with the tag #BuyASwan. As it turns out, you cannot actually buy a swan. The Buy A swan movement is a social media campaign to encourage people to think more consciously about the things they buy and the impacts those purchases … Read more

Mute Swan Wingspan

‍Mute swans are large and impressive birds, with the adult black-and-white plumage and orange bill of the male contrasting with the smaller grey-and-white appearance of the female. Mute swans also have a very wide wingspan; one individual held in captivity measured almost 6 feet across, which is bigger than many other common waterfowl species such … Read more

Trumpeter Swan Wing Span

What do you know about Trumpeter Swan Wing Span? Trumpeter swans are the largest waterfowl species. They have impressive size, reaching a length of 96 to 121 cm and a wingspan of up to 210 cm in some subspecies. Adult trumpeter swans weigh about 12 kg on average, although their exact weight can range from … Read more