How to Approach a Swan: Tips and Tricks for Success

Swans are beautiful, majestic birds that possess grace, elegance, and beauty. So what makes a swan so special? For starters, swans are highly social birds. They swim in groups to catch their meals and they spend a lot of time on the water interacting with other swans. How do I approach a swan? Not only … Read more

How To Clip Your Swan Wings: A Guide For The Care Of A Pet Swan

A swan can live up to thirty years or more if cared for properly. A swan is an impressive and regal animal, even as a pet, and requires a lot of care. Swans are not typically domesticated animals, but some people have luck with them as pets. They are often found in parks, lakes, ponds, … Read more

How To Make A Swan Out Of A Towel: 2 Easy, Cute DIY Crafts for Your Home Decor

Towels are not just for drying off. They can also be transformed into charming crafts that will bring life to your home. You can create a deer, a cow, or an elephant with these DIY ideas! Here is one of the most adorable DIY tutorials ever: how to make a swan out of a towel. … Read more

7 Ways To Stop A Swan Attack: How to Avoid/ Prevent Swan Attack

Swans are described as the “guardians of the river”. They are beautiful, but also aggressive creatures, but how do you stop a swan attack? If you’ve ever been attacked by a swan, you know how brutal it can be. A swan attack leaves you with bruises, scratches, and some pretty nasty injuries. It’s not always … Read more