3 Durable Swan-Designed Rugs For Living Room


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Rugs, we all love ourselves a good living room rug. Most rooms can look bare when there is no rug in place. Rugs can make the room look complete, fancier and even more appealing. If you are looking for amazing and durable rugs you can use in your living room, I have got 3 of the best swan-designed rugs you can use for your living room. I will be sharing all of them in this post.

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What Are Rugs?

Rugs are simply floor coverings made of thick woven material or animal skin. Most rugs are made to not extend over the entire floor but only cover a specific area, usually the centre or right at the foot of furniture or home facilities. Though you can still find some that cover the whole floor.

They can help insulate a person’s feet from a cold tile or concrete floor, make a place more comfortable to sit on the floor like when playing with kids or praying, reduce sound from walking and also beautify the room.

Why Our Living Rooms Need Rugs

Many people have wondered why the hype for living room rugs is growing. The reasons are not really far-fetched as a lot of people agree to the same thing. Here are the main reasons why rugs are actually very important in a living room:

  • A rug can help anchor the furniture in your room and this helps to create a cosy and intimate space.
  • The rug can change the focal point of a room and add a visual divider that makes it feel more comfortable.
  • Rugs make a room look connected and cohesive.
  • Using a rug that’s big enough to fit under the front legs of your furniture in the living room can keep your feet warm at all times.
  • Rugs provide comfort, warmth, and decoration in a room.
  • They can act as artwork for the floor and can create a frame to place furniture and define spaces.
  • A rug can cover imperfections on the floor. If your floor has cracked tiles or irremovable stains, for example, you can hide it with a rug for a quick fix.
  • The centre table can have a better and appealing look with a rug underneath it.
  • A rug connects everything and makes the room feel nice and inviting.

Guide To Choosing The Best Rugs For Your Living Room

Before you choose what rug you need, you must have a few things in mind. These things are what would help you make the right choice you won’t regret later. So, here are a few things you must have in mind when you are ready to get a rug for your living room:

  • You need to consider the size of wherever you want to cover. For instance, do you need a rug for only the centre of the room? Would you like to place it under a piece of furniture or even cover a floor imperfection? When you have decided what you need the rug for, you would know the size to look out for.

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  • The material of the rug you choose should be one that is comfy, durable and easy to clean. You don’t want a rug that would feel scratchy or too cold even in warm seasons. The best materials to look out for in a rug include cotton, wool, silk and viscose, nylon, olefin or polyester rugs.
  • The style/pattern/colour of your rug should be one that you can relate with and also won’t look out of place in your room. Stick to one that would blend with your room’s theme or one that can brighten the room and even liven one’s mood.
  • Is your home busy? Are there kids and pets around? If you know that your home is a beehive of activities, you may need to stick to a darker patterned rug so that it won’t show stains so easily.
  • Rugs come in different shapes like rectangle, square, circle etc. For this reason, you need to know where you would be placing it to know which would fit better there before making a choice.
  • The durability of the material should also be considered as you don’t need a rug that would wear off fast.
  • Unless you are ready to give your rug out and pay for its washing, you may need to buy one that would not be a whole lot of stress for you to wash. Apart from the occasional cleaning, rugs need to be washed thoroughly once in a while. You should weigh your washing options before sticking to a rug.

3 Durable Swan-Designed Rugs For Living Room

Now that you have in mind what you need to consider when choosing a rug for your living room; let me share with you the best 3 living room rugs that fit perfectly into most of the points listed above. They are Swan-designed rugs and of course, the Swans are a specie that represents a lot of things. People love to relate with them and items inspired by them always look lively, fun and appealing.

1. Swan Living Room Non-Slip, Machine Washable Rugs:

If you are looking for the perfect living room rug that can add a dash of grace and comfort to your home, this beautiful Swan-designed rug is your best choice. It is non-slip, machine washable and also durable enough to serve you as long as possible.


Product Description
  • The rug’s size is 7 x 7 Feet (84 x 84 inches) which is just the perfect size for any living room.
  • The thickness of this rug is 12 MM and this is perfect for placing your feet or even sitting on as it can keep you warm and prevent the cold tiles/floor from affecting you.
  • As earlier mentioned, rugs made from polyester are durable and cosy. This particular rug is made from polyester, non-woven fabric which is soft to touch, wear-resistant and non-slip. It has a soft sponge interlayer and durable high-density elastic cotton.
  • It is easy to use and is very sturdy. All you need is to just tile it on the floor or any flat place you want it. The anti-slip granules at the bottom make it steady and not move around.
  • The rug design is fun and brings any space to life. It is an eye-catching pattern design rug which will definitely bring a distinct accent to your existing decor for best visual impact.
  • It is easy to care for as you can vacuum it regularly and also spot clean.
  • The rug is stain-resistant and you do not need to dry clean but you can machine wash.
  • You can choose to use this rug in other places aside from the living room as it can fit perfectly in your dining room, bedroom, playroom, kids rooms and even patio.
  • It can serve as a decor for your room during Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Parties etc.
  • This can protect your floor very well so you shouldn’t worry about having cracked tiles or ruined floorboards with this.
  • The rug is also a good choice to give as a gift to a loved one on any occasion.

Does this look like your living room’s dream rug? Click this link to get to the page on Amazon and see more details before making your purchase.

2. Round Modern Flannel Microfiber Non-Slip Rug With Swan Design:

Give your living room the fun and appealing look and feel it deserves with this swan-designed rug. The rug is full of elegant designs that can liven moods. Anyone walking into your room must notice this and comment about it lovingly because it can bring life to the room. It is longlasting and the circular shape can give any furniture a defined look.


Product Description
  • This round rug has a size of 6 ft which is great for the centre of any room or underneath any furniture.
  • The material used is a non-woven fabric which is soft on the skin and won’t irritate even if kids or pets choose to roll around on it.
  • The rug is made of premium short, plush, stain-resistant and non-shedding, high-quality craftsmanship.
  • It is cosy, comfortable and very durable. The low pile height offers luxurious comfort.
  • The non-skid rubber backing keeps it in place so it doesn’t move around.
  • This rug is the perfect choice for ceramic tile or wooden floor.
  • It is a great choice if you have pets or kids. It is safe for them and is spacious enough for them to play in if you want them to stay away from your couch.
  • This rug can serve as living room decor as it offers luxurious comfort and is suitable for all indoor spaces.
  • Taking care of it is quite easy. You just shake off dirt or debris before machine washing or vacuuming.
  • It does not fade, is non-shedding and is wrinkle-resistant.
  • Choose this as the perfect gift option for friends or family and you will have them showing their gratitude for long.
  • The stylishly versatile pattern will always make you relaxed.

Get your room looking stylish and feeling relaxed with this amazing round rug by clicking this link. You will be taken to the Amazon page where you will see more details and get one of yours.

3. Rectangle Rug With Hand-Drawn Swan Design For Living Rooms:

Bring back the vintage look with the perfect piece that would grab attention and make your living room look classy. This hand-drawn Swan-designed rug can give your room that wonderful look and feel. This can liven your mood each time and also make you and your guests feel at home.


Product Description
  • This rug measures 6′ X 9′ inches and can fit under furniture or right in the centre of your room.
  • It is made from high quality 100% polyester, delicate high-density memory foam and non-woven fabric which are soft to the touch.
  • The rug is wear-resistant and non-slip. It has silica gel bottom point and you won’t have to worry about someone slipping. This makes you feel safe to let the pets and kids play around on the rug.
  • You can use this rug in the kids’ room, living room, bedroom, dining room, dorm room, kitchen, hallway or any hardwood floors. It would still fit in perfectly.
  • This rug can show off your unique character.
  • You can use this to decorate your home for a holiday or a themed party.
  • It is an ideal party gift for any occasion.
  • It is machine washable and you can also use a brush in cold water with a mild detergent to clean the dirt.
  • The rug is very durable and can serve you for years.
  • This rug is made of synthetic fibres and the non-slip-rubber lining can ensure the safety of everyone in the house.
  • The vivid design on this rug can make your room comfortable and warm.
  • It is suitable for all indoor rooms.

If you want to have this in your room, it is quite simple to achieve. Click this link to visit the page on Amazon where you can find the rug and order one to give your room that unique and accommodating feel.


Your living room need not be bare. Neither do you have to have a dull-looking rug in your room when you can invest in durable, beautiful and durable Swan-designed rugs that can perfectly fit your space. Any of the above rugs can give your living room that appealing, welcoming and bright look which you, your family and guests would definitely love.
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