Four Durable Swan-Themed Blankets For Adult Beds


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We all need a good night sleep no doubt. Our sleep can get better with a blanket to comfortably wrap us when we sleep. The best thing you can do is to get a very durable blanket that would serve you for as long as possible. You need to sleep fine and the last thing you want is to keep replacing your blankets often. Not only is it not cost-effective it could take you a while to settle into it and feel cosy. Here, I will show you 4 of the best swan-themed blankets you can choose from that would guarantee you a perfect night rest.


Why You Need A Durable Blanket For Good Sleep

Good and comfortable blankets are prerequisite for restful sleep. The roles sound sleep and rest play in our overall health cannot be taken lightly if only we are aware of the risks involved if we are denied sound rest after a busy day. Absence of proper rest exposes us to the possibilities of developing very serious health challenges that might exacerbate other equally nasty health complaints. We ought to take very stringent measures to ensure that we rest as much as is necessary and blankets can come in very handy for us to get the much-needed rest we must have. Here are a few more reasons why you need a blanket for good sleep:

  • Our core body temperature tends to drop when we fall asleep, and when we reach the stage of REM sleep, our bodies are unable to regulate their own temperature. For this reason, it is good to sleep under a blanket to help regulate your body’s temperature.
  • Having blankets over us when we sleep can activate the nervous system and releases serotonin which is a chemical in the body that helps us feel calm and also releases melatonin which is a natural sleep hormone that helps prepare us to sleep.
  • Blankets offer our bodies the necessary sense of security to sleep without worry. We are able to sleep better when we feel safe and blankets can provide our minds with just that.

A Buyers’ Guide To Choosing The Best Blanket For Adults

It is best if you don’t just hit the market and pick any blanket you see. You need to consider certain things to be sure you are picking one that would give you the satisfaction you need. Let me start by highlighting the qualities of good blankets and the knowledge of which will inform our choices. See what good blankets must-have if you need to make the correct choice:

  1. All good blankets should be crafted from fabrics that are skin-friendly and therefore do not cause any irritation and are very soothing to the touch. For this reason, they should be made from either cotton or polyester or even a mixture of both to give you that comfortable restful feeling that assures perfect relaxation after a strenuous day.
  2. They can be either hand or machine washed with a detergent or washing soap and they must not be ironed or tumble dried after washing. Furthermore, please avoid the use of any chlorine bleach if you wish them to have a long life span.
  3. Good blankets should be painted or hand-designed in colours that are both resistant to fading and also retain their brilliance throughout.
  4. They should be covered by lengthy warranties that provide you with after-sales maintenance for some months by the suppliers at no extra costs. For defective blankets, you should be able to return for a complete refund of money spent provided they are unused and their packaging with tags are intact.
  5. The tough and resilient fabrics from which they are made should make them extremely durable such that with proper and adequate maintenance, they should last in your bed for long. This is giving value for money spent.
  6. Classic blankets should be breathable and allow you to breathe easily even when you are completely wrapped in them, not to mention the fact that they should be free from any smell or odour.
  7. Good blankets should prove to be stain-resistant such that stains and smears can be washed off with little or no stress whatsoever.
  8. The blanket you pick should be pretty to look at and warm to the eyes such that one look at it would invite you to sleep.

cute-blue-blanket-for-good-sleepHaving in mind what to look out for when purchasing a good blanket, let me now show you the best ones I selected. They match the majority of the points mentioned above and you can choose any to get the best comfort and satisfactory sleep you will need.


Four Swan-Themed Blankets For Adult You Will Love

Blankets that can boast of some or all of the above qualities can rightly be said to be the best you can get. If you are wondering why picking swan-themed blankets in the first place, it’s simply because of what the swan represents. Swans are amazing birds that represent love, loyalty, courage, strength and more. The bird is one that people would love to relate with and let’s not even begin to talk about how pleasing it is to look at. Having a swan-inspired blanket in your room would definitely switch up your style and make you always feel warm whenever you step into your room.

Below is a list of some blankets that sincerely lay claim to most, if not all, the qualities mentioned above:

1. MZPRIDE Knitted Swan-Designed Throw Blanket:

If you are looking for a cute, cosy, knitted blanket that would warm you and your family up, this product is your best choice. It is not heavy and can still provide the best comfort for you to enjoy while sleeping.


Product Description
  1. This blanket, as expected, has a large size of about 110 cm by 130 cm and for this reason, it can be used by adults or even kids when doubly folded. It can be termed a ‘one size serves all’.
  2. Because it is fabricated from 100 per cent cotton, it is cool and caressing to touch and also extremely comfortable. It accords you the promise of the much-needed rest you deserve.
  3. Washing can be done either manually or with the aid of a washing machine, but be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions by neither tumble drying nor ironing. Do not use any chlorine bleach also which will extend its life span.
  4. The negligible weight of this blanket makes it pretty convenient to carry along,  without any bother, on journeys or picnics.
  5. It can also serve as a great decoration for tables, chairs, beds or even a sofa. That makes it an invaluable item of decoration in our homes to the admiration of visitors.
  6. The fact that it is crafted from one hundred per cent cotton not only gives it a cosy look and feel, but equally accords it unrivalled durability.
  7. The blanket comes covered with a three-month warranty after purchase that provides free maintenance and advice during this period.
  8. The materials from which this blanket is made have been proven to be environmentally friendly as well.

If you want to have one of these for yourself, visit this page on Amazon to see price and more details.

2. Ultra-soft Swan Flannel Fleece Blanket From WOMENFOUCUS:

Looking to go for a soft, comfortable blanket for an optimum sleep? This ultra-soft fleece blanket would have you in dreamland few minutes into snuggling in it.


Product Description
  1. This soft blanket utilizes 100% microfiber fabric to last for long use and also make it breathable enough for the user.
  2. It comes in a large size that makes it useful in most circumstances whether for sleeping by adults or children as well as for decorative purposes on chairs, tables, beds or sofa.
  3. The production of this beauty is by hand cutting and sewing. This gives room for little or no errors which make it more beautiful and outstanding.
  4. The combination of very strong fabrics (cotton and polyester) to make it places on it high quality and a lightweight for easy handling and washing.
  5. It is wrinkle-resistant and without any ugly smell, not to mention being very gentle to the skin.
  6. The colour brilliance and beauty of this blanket are the same on both sides which is marvellous indeed. There are also several custom patterns to choose from.
  7. Washing can be done either manually or with a washing machine using only detergent or soap, but do not tumble dry or iron after washing.
  8. There is a warranty agreement that covers free maintenance and advice for months after the purchase to give you great service that guarantees your happiness with the product.

This rare item of beauty and its prices can be seen by clicking this link to be taken to the page on Amazon.

3. Swan Princess Ultra-Soft Micro Fleece Blanket:

This super-soft hypoallergenic plush bed blanket should be almost every lady’s dream blanket. It is fancy, pink, cute and so soft you will be enjoying the warmth it gives while not feeling an extra weight.


Product Description
  1. Made of anti-pilling fleece for your added comfort and warmth.
  2. Machine Wash, Hand Wash, Quick Drying, Easy To Care, Durable, Do Not Use Bleaching Agent.
  3. It is lightweight, durable and resistant to wrinkling or shrinkage.
  4. Washing may be accomplished by hand or using a washing machine with just soap or detergent. The material of this blanket is not only very durable but is also resistant to stains,  bleaching and after wash wrinkles, so much so that you do not need to iron after washing at all.
  5. There is a warranty that comes with the blanket after purchase which provides free maintenance services and advice. This is meant to ensure effective use of the product.
  6. It is also a great decoration for tables, chairs, sofa or beds that beautifies our homes by making them more attractive. Their large sizes make them useful as travel blankets, nap blankets or sofa blankets for both adults and kids. They are also skin and environment friendly so there is no fear of irritation to our skins or pollution of the environment whatsoever.
  7. It is a perfect gift idea so if you want to surprise someone with a fancy blanket, this should be the best thing.

This blanket and its price are readily available in this link that takes you straight to the page on Amazon.

4. Sun Swan Lake Ultra-Soft Fleece Plush Throw Blanket:

Bring your room to live with an artistic blanket that would set you in a relaxed mood each time you turn into bed to rest for the day. The sun swan lake blanket can keep you feeling warm and relaxed every single night you snuggle yourself in.


Product Description
  1. The blanket is made of 100% high-quality microfiber polyester which makes it super soft, durable, inviting, warm and lightweight.
  2. It is wrinkle, shrink and fade resistant so it doesn’t shed and is suitable for all seasons.
  3. There are 3 sizes you can choose from like the 50 X 40 Inch, 60 X 50 Inch, 80 X 60 Inch.
  4. It has a good weight to keep you comfortable without making you sweat.
  5. Perfect for camping, home, outdoors or even aeroplanes as it is easy to carry.
  6. This pillow will give you 100% satisfaction guaranteed and if you ever feel it’s not what you want, there is an option for full refund or exchange.
  7. The blanket is easily washable manually or with a washing machine and washing soap or detergent but without bleach. Do not tumble dry or iron after washing to prolong its life span.
  8. It is light and portable which makes it easy to carry along, without any bother on journeys or picnics.
  9. The colours are of such high quality that they are also resistant to fading even after repeated washing.
  10. It can be used to decorate our homes as covers for tables, chairs or sofa to the admiration of visitors.

Already in love with the blanket? Head over to this link to the page on Amazon to see more about it and get yourself the best blanket that offers good sleep you can’t miss.


So now that you know in great details the qualities of good blankets and also equipped yourself with a guide to buying the right one;  I can bet that you are definitely going to pick the one that suits you just fine and still meets up to standard. Just be sure that your final decision would guarantee you the best sleep under your blanket every night.


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