How to Make a Balloon Swan – 2 Easy DIY Projects!


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How to Make a Balloon Swan - 2 Easy DIY Projects!

For centuries, swans have been a symbol of elegance and beauty. The long necks and graceful lines have come to symbolize a peaceful serenity. Some people might think it’s impossible to make a balloon swan without a special kit or expensive materials, but a long balloon and a little creativity is all you need! In fact, the hardest part about making this balloon swan is waiting for it to inflate.

For the DIY enthusiasts among us, this project is a must-try. It’s one of those projects that’s as easy as it is adorable.

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to make your very own swan out of a balloon that doubles as a floating decoration. For those of you who want to keep it simple, we’ve included some quick instructions with photos. But if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and try one of our more advanced techniques!

What is a swan?

A swan is a water bird that has long, flat, and generally white feathers. They are often found in or near large bodies of water like lakes or rivers.

A traditional swan-shaped balloon is mostly white and has a long neck and a full body. It’s also sometimes called a heart-shaped balloon because it resembles the shape of a heart when inflated.

We learned how to make a paper swan and also how to fold your towel to a swan. Today we will learn how to make a balloon swan!

How to make a balloon swan

To make a balloon swan, you need to use pressure fixing and shock twisting techniques

1. Blow up a balloon and leave four fingers (2 inches) at the end of the balloon to form the beak. Then tie the knot in the end of it.

2. Stretch out the balloon and twist it in a spiral to create the neck and beak. The ties should be approximately 6 inches from the beak.

3. Take the knot-tied end of the balloon and tie it around the twisted base of the next to form a circular shape that will form the body.

4. Add eyes with a marker or your finger, then add a smile with your thumb and pointer finger (or add some rosy cheeks with blush).

5. Tie two balloons together to make the body like you’re tying shoelaces together (or you can use another way to create a spherical shape).

6. Insert one hand inside of the balloon and grab onto both ends of one balloon, then insert your other hand inside and grab onto both ends of the other balloon so that they meet in between them and pull them apart so that you can tie them into knots again without popping anything!

How to make a balloon swan step by step

Advanced techniques.

We’ll start with the advanced techniques.

Here’s what your finished project should look like:

How to make a balloon swan for beginners

Can you make swan balloon animal?

We know what you’re thinking: is this even possible? And the answer is yes! If you have a balloon and some tape, you can create a beautiful swan.

To start, wrap the balloon around your hand and pinch it closed. Next, twist the balloon in half and seal it with a piece of tape.

Next, cut off the bottom of the balloon so that there’s an opening about one-inch wide. Go ahead and pop the balloon to get all of the air out of it. Now you’ll need to insert your fingers into the hole and pull them apart. If you did it correctly, you should be able to pull out two wings that are tightly tucked together.

Finally, take an oblong balloon (or two) and attach them to each other by sealing one end with tape or glue. Stretch out the top part of this new tube to form a head, then use scissors to cut off any excess material at both ends of the tube.

What is Balloon modelling?

Balloon modelling is a technique in which a balloon is inflated and shaped into an object. Balloons are versatile, inexpensive, and can be reused for other projects!

There are many shapes that can be made with balloons, but the most common are animals (like swans), letters of the alphabet, and numbers. The possibilities are endless!

Before you get started with your project, it’s important to start with the right kind of balloons. You’ll need two pieces of string or ribbon for this project (we recommend tying ribbons on opposite sides of the balloon). One string should be about three times as long as the other. And make sure you’ve got some scissors on hand!


Now you know how to make a balloon swan, the next step is to make it do something.

A balloon swan can be used as a centerpiece for a party, or as a decoration for a child’s bedroom. Some people make them for weddings, events, or even as a gift.

Here are some of the most common ways to make a balloon swan.

1. Make it look like it’s flying

2. Attach balloons to it

3. Make it look like it’s swimming underwater

4. Make it look like it’s sleeping

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