How To Make A Swan Out Of A Towel: 2 Easy, Cute DIY Crafts for Your Home Decor


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Towels are not just for drying off. They can also be transformed into charming crafts that will bring life to your home. You can create a deer, a cow, or an elephant with these DIY ideas! Here is one of the most adorable DIY tutorials ever: how to make a swan out of a towel. It’s so easy and fun, you’ll want to do it too!

You don’t need to be an expert craftsman to create a stunning piece of wall art. All you need is imagination, creativity, and some simple materials. This DIY project teaches you how to make a swan out of a towel.

This craft may seem complicated at first, but if you follow this tutorial step by step, it will become easier and easier to do. If you have the time and patience for it, this is one of the cutest and easiest DIY projects that can be done with just a few supplies. Once you’re finished, your room will look so much better!

We will explore two ways: How to make a swan out of a towel by folding and how to make a swan out of a towel by cutting and stuffing.

How to make a swan out of a towel by folding

Towel animals are often used by cruise lines, B&Bs, and Hotels to make your stay memorable. Including some in your guest bathroom is sure to impress! To fold a towel animal, follow these directions:

  1. Lay a bath towel flat on the floor. Be sure it’s oriented in landscape position
  2. Fold top two corners downward and inward so they meet at the center of the fabric- this will be like an “up arrow” shape with the point pointing onto one side. For a rectangular towel, fold the towel on the longer side.
  3. Roll outside edges inward toward the center – this should result in a “Z” shape (like an upside-down U). The bottom points of Z should end up closer together than where its head ends – that is about 2/3rds from one side to the other for both parts below his neck when standing upright as well as behind his head when lying down on his stomach; also note how chest area has more room than feet which can help distinguish between male & female swans if wanted
How To Make A Swan Out Of A Towel

5. Now use two hands inside the upper portion of the tail part (the lower half above the swan’s feet), squeeze the neck part to form a Z.

How To Make A Swan Out Of A Towel

6: Repeat steps 1 through 5 for the second Swan.

7. You can use another small towel to make the wings as shown in the video below:

How to make a swan by cutting the towel, sewing, and stuffing

What you need to get started

– One white towel

– A black marker

– Scissors

– Sewing pins

– Hot glue gun.

How to make a towel swan

  1. Draw a swan’s body on one side of the towel. The body should be about two inches tall and two feet wide. You can use a black marker on the white towel.
  2. Cut out your swan’s body. You should cut out the shape you drew with scissors. Leave a small piece of the towel at the bottom to create a tail.
  3. Draw a swan’s head on the other side of the towel
  4. Cut out your swan’s head
  5. Fold the bottom of the towel up toward the top half, so that it forms a triangle shape with two edges on opposite sides meeting in one point near where you cut out your beak and wings from step one.
  6. Pin together the two edges then sew them together, leaving an opening for stuffing and closing later on (it should look like a pillowcase).
  7. Stuff by hand or use a large funnel to make this part easier and press it down firmly to create a shape (leave an opening). After giving it shape, sew closed by hand or machine stitch around the outside edge leaving an opening again.
  8. Put hot glue around the edges of where you sewed your swans together and wait for it to dry. You should use hot glue to attach your eyepieces and beak onto the end of your towel swan’s head (the end without an opening).

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How to Make the Swan’s Body

  • Begin by cutting the towel in half, leaving about six inches of each end.
  • Next, fold the towel over on itself so that you have a long strip of cloth.
  • Fold the long strip of cloth in half again like you would wrap a present. Now take one end and bring it up to meet the other. You should now have a swan’s neck, with an opening at the top where you will place the head later.
  • Now, take your scissors and cut a little hole out of the bottom corner of your swan’s neck (the side closest to you). Make sure you leave enough room for your fingers to fit through.
  • Next, use your fingers to turn the towel right-side out and create a little hole in the bottom corner where you just made it with scissors. This is where your swan’s feet will go.
  • Use your fingers to turn back inside out again and make little holes on either side of your newly created holes for wings. Then, push them down into those holes so that they are secure inside their new home!

How to Make the Swan’s Wings with a towel

  • The first step in creating the swan is to cut a square of cloth that measures at least 8 x 10 inches. You can use an old towel if you don’t have a square, but try not to use fabric with a lot of frills or texture.
  • Next, fold the square in half to make a triangle as you see in the photo above. Sew down one side of the triangle with a straight stitch and then sew up the other side. After sewing both sides, unfold your triangle and pull it apart so that you only have two corners left.
  • Pull those two corners out and then press them flat. Fold them back into your triangle shape and sew them down on the inside of your new swan’s wings. This will create the spaces where your wings will be attached later on.
  • Once you’ve sewn down both corners, grab a needle about 3-4 inches long and thread it with some yarn. Insert it from behind one wing all the way through to the other wing and tie it off on the backside of that wing. Make sure that this knot is tight enough so that it doesn’t come undone while you are working on attaching your wings to your body–it’ll need to be strong!

How to Make a Swizzle Stick for the Tail

First, you need a swizzle stick that you want to turn into a swan. Next, take the bottom of your towel and fold it in half. Then, take the end of your folded towel and wrap it around the top of your swan’s head.

Take both ends of the string and tie them together so they won’t unravel. Now, tuck one end in the other to form a loop on the top of the head.

Finally, place your swizzle stick on its head so it looks like a swan! If you’re not happy with how your swizzle stick turned out, don’t fret! This process can be repeated over and over again until you have a pile of fluffy new friends!

Why is this such an easy project?

You can make a swan out of a towel in just a few simple steps. All you need is a white towel, a black marker, scissors, sewing pins, and a hot glue gun.

Is it okay to just roll up the towel into a ball instead of making a swan out of it?

It’s totally fine to roll up the towel into a ball. You can even roll it up in your hand, which might be easier if you’re wearing gloves.

The swan shape is simply for decoration. The idea is that the towel will be more useful because it has a flat end to lay on your face or rest under your neck, rather than just being rolled in the palm of your hand.


Towels can be used for so many things! From cleaning off your feet to drying your dishes, they’re a necessity in any household. But when it comes to folding them, they can be a little tricky.

That’s why we want to share this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make a towel swan. You’ll never have to worry about dragging your towel around the house again!


What is the best type of towel to use?

The type of towel you use is going to depend on the type of fabric. Microfiber towels are best used for quick drying and absorbing moisture, while cotton is best used for softness and warmth.

How many folds should I make?

You can fold your towel swan in any number of ways. The most common way is to have four folds. This will give you a nice, fat swan with a wide base. You can also do three or two folds for slimmer swans. But you can also make two folds and roll it out.
The most important thing is just to have fun and try different things! That’s what makes it so fun!

How to keep it from unraveling?

The easiest way to keep your towel swan from unraveling is to tie it off with a slipknot at the end. The knot can form part of the decoration.

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