Do Swans Kill Their Young? And Do Swans Eat Their Young?

Swans are waterfowl with long necks and webbed feet. They can be found throughout the world, with the exception of Antarctica. Swans are closely related to geese and ducks but differ in that they are larger, have no tail feathers, and exhibit white plumage on their head. People believe that swans kill their young because … Read more

What Are Baby Swans Called? The Most Common Names for These Cute Birds

Baby swans are one of the cutest animals in the world, and they come in a lot of different shapes and colors. But which are the most popular baby swans? Here are some of the most common baby swan names. A male swan is called a Cob. The female is called a Pen and the … Read more

Why Does a Swan Wag its Tail? Swan Body Language Explained

Did you ever see a Swan Wag Its Tail? It’s a common sight in wetlands where swans live. Some researchers believe that swans wag their tails when they feel stressed or threatened. Mute swans make a hissing sound and wag their tails as territorial behavior. I learned more about swan body language this week, after … Read more