6 Fancy Swan Living Room Decor You Should Consider


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Ideally, the living room is one of the outstanding rooms because of the numerous functions attached to it. The living room is usually the first point to receive visitors or guests and so making it look warm and welcoming is necessary. Beautifying your living rooms may be a challenge; especially when you are not aware of various decoration designs/styles and the importance of having a well-decorated living room. Remember, a living room that is not well decorated can be a bore for you or your guests. Not to worry, in this post, I will show you how to make your living rooms beautiful and cosy using beautiful swan living room ornaments or decorations.


Swans And What They Symbolize

Swans are birds belonging to the family of Anatidae within the genus Cygnus. Their natural habitat includes large, shallow wetlands and open water. Swans have a life span of between 8 – 12 years and a full-grown swan is between 91cm – 150cm (36 inches – 60 inches) in size. Their top speed is 80 km/h (50mph) and the weight falls between the range of 10kg – 15 kg. The distinctive features of Swans include large, powerful wings and webbed feet for balance.  Over the decades, designers have used colourful animal ornaments like that of the swan to beautify homes, events – such as weddings, birthday venues etc.

In the world of art, animals or objects and colours have interpretations and the swan is a symbol of grace, beauty, devotion, love, fidelity, purity, peace, partnership, elegance, energy, protection, calmness, creativity, and transformation. In addition, the combination of elements of air and water indicate that they represent eternal life. Even more, the black and white swan colours represent the following:

  • Black swan: The black swan symbolizes the protective power of romance; the joy and freedom felt in helping others as well as equality. It also stands for deep inner secret desires that crave for creative expression.
  • White swan: The white swan stands for purity, cleanliness and mental clarity.

What Are Living Room Decorations?

The word ‘living room’ was coined to give word to a space where the general social activities are performed. Historically, the living room was known as the “parlour room”. It was derived from the Old French ‘parloir’ or “parler” which is translated as “to speak”. Originally, the Parlour was defined as a place set aside particularly for conversing or debating with people. The living room consists of furniture as well as beautiful ornaments. While decorations are anything that makes something look more attractive or a pattern, colours, ornaments, etc, that is added to something to stop it from being plain. Decorating your home is adding colour to your environment. Colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colour can calm, soothe and relax you. When used in the right ways, colour can even save on energy consumption.

Why Living Room Decorations Are Important

The house has different rooms but the living room is usually our first thought when it comes to decorating a new home. Decorating a living room can make your home look more appealing, warm and inviting. There are several objects used to decorate your living rooms and make it look livelier and more inviting. Some of these include beautiful flowers, 3D wallpapers, ornaments etc. Any of these can add beauty to your home, brighten the environment and makes occupants of the house feel relaxed. The importance of the living room includes the following:

  • It helps to keep rooms clean and organized.
  • It helps to create the desired mood.
  • Living room decoration items improve functionality as it gives positive waves which help to give you a good life.
  • With a decorated room you are sure that you will enjoy that warm and inviting atmosphere whenever you come in.
  • It gives visitors an impression of the personality of the owner of the house.


Choosing The Best Decorations

To decorate your living room, you need to consider some things to be sure certain decorations will fit in. There are several requirements needed to enhance the decoration of your living room and these include:

  1. The room design and Measurement: While making the list of furniture, lighting, art etc, the room’s measurement or living room design should be taken into consideration.
  2. Furniture: Furniture plays an important role in the living room. A living room that is well furnished makes guests more relaxed.
  3. Lighting: Lighting brightens the whole room. Lighting is a somewhat complex element of any room. In the living room, proper lighting brings out the beauty of objects e.g. swan decorations.
  4. Paint colours: Colour plays an important role in decoration. A good colour combination makes the room beautiful and friendly.
  5. Art: Empty walls are a sign of an incomplete room. This doesn’t mean you need to fill every inch, but decorating the walls with art is a good thing.

Why Your Living Rooms May Be Poorly Decorated

Many homes are not well decorated and honestly, some people are really not comfortable in a living room that is not well decorated. The reason is not far-fetched. For instance, the furniture is not well arranged or the living room looks bare or untidy making it uncomfortable for visitors to feel relaxed. The following are factors why a living room may be poorly decorated:

  • Inadequate or lack of the living room decoration plan.
  • Inadequate information about the type of living room design and measurement.
  • Poor lighting.
  • Poor painting.
  • Decorations poorly arranged in the living room.
  • Ignorance of the type of decorating objects to buy.
  • Leaving the decorating living room objects untidy.
  • Preferences of the occupants of the house.
  • The fear of criticism or making mistakes in decorating the living room.

Six Beautiful Swan Decorations For Your Living Room

Swan decorations or ornaments come in different shapes and sizes as well as colours. They are beautifully designed and many people have placed a premium on these beautiful ornaments. Well, since we all can’t go and sit forever in front of a swan habitat, we can have one right in our living room so we can always see this beautiful creature whenever we are in there. The extra cool and calm feeling/atmosphere swan-themed items give to a room can never be overlooked. In general, animal ornaments bring nature to your living rooms and the sight of beautiful swan ornaments or decorations reminds you of the qualities of the bird, its symbols and what it represents. Here are 6 beautiful, affordable and durable swan ornaments you can place in your living room to switch up the style:

1. OK Lighting Folius Brown And Silver Decorative Swan:


Features of this item:
  • Perfect living room decor. especially tabletops.
  • An amazing gift for your friend’s birthday or family gift exchange
  • Inspired by birds in nature
  • Hand-painted
  • Crackled mirror mosaic on the wing
  • Footed Base

This stunning decorative swan by OK Lighting is sure to add a distinctive flair and bring a bit of nature into your living room. It will bring grace and beauty to any living space as that is what the swan represents. The body and base are hand-painted with an addition of a crackled mirror over the base of the wings. You can display this with other matching home decoration elements for a cohesive look.

2. Swan Wallpaper Mural Living Room Decor:


Features of this item:
  • This wallpaper comes in different sizes that can fit into any living room space.
  • With high-quality materials, you are sure to enjoy this for as long as possible.
  • It is easy to install, safe and non-toxic.
  • The wallpaper is waterproof, moisture-proof, pressure-resistant and non-fading.
  • It is easy to clean, doesn’t bend, no wrinkles, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • The perfection decoration for your living room and other rooms in the home.
  • Your friends or family will definitely love it as a gift for their home.
  • It brings magic to your wall through murals.

A symbol of love, happiness and loyalty, swans are a fitting choice to grace a home’s wall. This wallpaper features a pair of swans with a sunset background. This can give your room a warm and inviting atmosphere whenever anyone steps in. It can easily cover up scratched areas or give your home an extra pop of style.

3. Hickory Manor Blanc Holden Swan Decor:


Features of this item:
  1. A very good quality item that would serve you for as long as possible.
  2. The holden is hand-painted and hand-made
  3. The weight of the package is 12.0 pound
  4. Package Dimensions are 24.0” L x 12.0” W x 12.0” H

This Hickory Manor House home decor is a unique swan decoration. It’s a known thing that swans have long occupied the pages of legendary stories and folklore and so it will just be amazing if you can bring the elegance and timeless mystique of the swan into your homes. The decor is handcrafted from wood and features a vintage blanc finish that enhances its traditional antique style.

4. LONGWIN Tabletop Swan Art Glass Sculpture:


Features of this item:
  • The glass figurine experienced more than 1000 degree high-temperature baking, modelling and colouring process which makes it a high-quality glass.
  • The size is 3.1 inch in length and 4.63 inches in height.
  • It is purely handmade and also very easy to clean.
  •  It will be the perfect gift for family or friends on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, etc.
  • You can even send it as a surprise gift for that special one in your life to remind him or her about how much you care.

This fashionable and unique sculpture can switch up your living room’s style. It is perfect on tabletops or shelves to enjoy that elegant sight. This glass swan figurine is purely handmade and has various and beautiful colours, delicate and lifelike details and exquisite appearance that easily catches the eyes. For those who love having lots of colour combinations in the home, this piece would be the perfect decor to beautify your living room. When this swan ornament is placed in a strategic place, in your living room, it brightens the environment and the different colour shows that life is indeed beautiful.

5. MONAMI Stuffed Princess Swan:


Features of this item:
  • This can easily mount the wall with loop for pushpin, nail, etc.
  • Elegant appearance and solid structure to give your room the perfect look and feel to stay inviting always.
  • It can be cleaned easily as it only requires a spot clean only.
  • High quality and exquisite craftsmanship to give you satisfaction for as long as possible.
  • The size is 15 x 5x 7 inches
  • Perfect for your living room, bedroom and even nursery.
  • It can serve as an amazing gift for friends or family.
  • It is 4.9 ounces in weight

This beautiful, stuffed princess Swan living room decor for your wall will add elegance to any room. With multi-layer pink tutu, gold crown, and stunning design, this will surely add class and grace living rooms. Hanging this on the wall of your living room would surely be a beauty to behold.

6. XIANGBAN Crystal Swan Figurine Table Centrepiece:


Features of this item:
  • The crystal swan figurine is made of high-quality crystal that won’t fade or blacken.
  • It is handmade and also lightweight.
  • It has got a crystal clear cutting surface.
  • The package dimension is 5.08 x 5.04 x 2.87 inches.
  • A luxury crystal centrepiece that would add brightness and harmony to your living room.
  • Can make beautiful light refraction around the room.

The crystal Swan figurines are all thoughtfully designed. This swan design brings beauty into the living room and throws a sparkling, bright light into the room. It can be placed ontop your centre table in your living room to catch the fancy of guests when they step into the room.

Tips to adopt when decorating your living room using Swan decorations

It is one thing to have swan ornaments and another to know how to use them to add colour to your living room. There are fundamental tips you can adopt when using Swan decorations to decorate your living room and they include:

  • Ensure to know the colour of swan ornaments to buy and how it can add more colour or beauty to your living room.
  • Ensure that there is enough space in the living room for you to place the swan ornaments. A living room where the furniture is clumsily arranged won’t bring out the beauty of the swan ornaments.
  • Make sure the colour of your swan ornaments/decorations matches that of your living room painting colours.
  • Make sure you purchase quality and durable swan ornaments.
  • Plan and identify the design of Swan decoration that would fit the design of your living room.
  • Do not use other objects to block the swan decorations. Just let the beauty of the decor to be easily seen.
  • Make sure you place the Swan decorations or ornaments where eyes can easily spot and admire it.
  • Choose colours that soothe your mood. For instance, white swan stands for purity, cleanliness and can aid mental clarity.
  • A bright or shinning swan decoration or ornaments would be best for a living room that is not well lighted.
  • Place the swan ornaments on firm or well-balanced objects to prevent them from falling. Some of these swan ornaments are fragile so they need to be handled with care.
  • Make sure you keep them sparkling clean all the time.
  • Endeavour to know the size of the Swan decoration you are buying. The size will determine where you place it in your living room.
  • You can use twinkle lights to decorate your swan. This brings out the beauty of the Swan ornament the more, especially at night.
  • In mounting the wall swans decorations, make sure they are properly nailed or glued to the wall and in a good location of the living room to avoid any form of constant physical touch or damage.
  • Use glass centre tables for glassy, shinning swans decorations because the glass tables will magnify the beauty of the swan decorations.

No doubt that swan decorations can give your living room a classy and warm atmosphere to make your home very inviting and looking pleasing to every eye. If you are not sure which swan decor to choose, you can click any of the above recommendations to see more about it and hear what others are saying about it. From there you can know which one would suit your needs. So have you tried decorating your living rooms with beautiful swan ornaments before? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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