Elegantly Matching Swan Chair And Table For Living Room


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Tables and chairs have been with us for as long as we can remember. The usefulness of these items in our homes cannot be ignored, at least not for an apartment that is inhabited by humans. Not just for having a place for people to sit, but also as an added decoration to the room. For this reason, when choosing a chair and table for your home, it’s best to go for matching furniture. Even if they are not made with the same pattern or materials, they should have a design that matches and also represents your kind of person. Looking for the best furniture match for your living room? Here let me show you the most elegant matching chair and table you will love to have in your living room. It is none other than swan-designed items and I will let you know why they are the best.


Why Chairs And Tables?

Chairs are actually the first sign of courtesy we show a guest after inviting them in. We ask them to sit down and feel comfortable before offering them anything else. Tables alike are where we carry out other primary functions at home such as writing, eating, processing information, and so on.

Tables and chairs go hand in hand in serving their purpose as we can barely carry out a function on one without the other. For a table to be fully functional, you will need a chair and vice-versa.

They do not only make us comfortable and appreciative of our guests but also help in giving our homes a special feel and presence. A well-furnished room with the right set of tables and chairs will always be a plus to not just the decor, but the owner. It is often said that you can tell how organized or receptive a person is by their choice of furniture. And that I tell you, is just the truth.

Chairs And Tables: Types And Preference

Thanks to research and technological advancements, chairs and tables can be made from a variety of materials, both natural and man-made to serve several purposes and uses. Natural materials used in making chairs and tables are from the wood of various textures and quality. They can also be carved out of rocks and stones and used mostly in chairs and tables in recreational parks and outdoor spaces.

Natural table materials for making chairs and tables include trees, stainless steel, and cut-out stones. Materials processed by man include fabric, plastic, and glass. To a very large extent, the intended usage of tables and chairs affects the material composition of the furniture. In a school setting, for instance, it is advised to consider materials such as wood or plastic when making your furniture choices, so as to ensure the safety of the students in terms of accidents. Steel tables are also a very good option for public usage.

On the other hand, tables made of glass and other synthetic products would be a perfect fit for homes and office spaces as they bring a sense of importance to the environment. They also add beauty, class and glamour to the room. But there are also lovely designed wooden tables and chairs which are often used at home or in offices as well. It all depends on your choice and comfort.

Benefits Of Having The Right Table And Chair Set

Having a good fashion sense these days goes beyond just your physical clothing and looks, it transcends into your home furniture. Your tables and chairs are the first to come to mind in this regard. It’s not just about having a table and a chair for the sake or importance of having one, you should have tables and chairs for the benefit of showcasing your fashion style and also to complement your reputation.

An exquisite looking chair and table will always go a long way in not just adding to the required decor and comfort to your home, but will also elevate your ego while having guests around. A good table should always be complemented with a good chair in terms of quality and beauty, and vice-versa. Here are other reasons why your chairs and table should complement each other in terms of every factor that entails quality and beauty.

  • A good furniture set speaks well of your fashion choice to others
  • It makes you confident in inviting anyone over without having to explain yourself or feel embarrassed.
  • It makes your home setting more organized and appealing to the eye.
  • Great furniture set gives the owner a sense of direction and organization.
  • A matching chair and table are sure to get you awesome compliments which in turn boosts your morale and mood.
  • A matching table and chair can never go wrong in any way possible.

 Things To Consider When Choosing A Matching Table And Chair

As stated earlier, while have a table and chair is important in a home setting, you must also consider some of these key factors before settling on a choice:

  • Appearance and comfort:

A comfortable table and chair set that is not backed up with a beautiful design is not usually the best option. Go for a set whose beauty and comfortable feel are synonymous. A beautiful table and chair set should be a comfortable table and chair set, and vice-versa.

  • Matching decor:

It should also have an even blend with the home decor available, especially the colour of your curtains and wall decor if any is available. You really do not want to have an oddly matched room.

  • Purpose of purchase:

Getting an office chair or table at home when there is no intention of creating an office space is not smart. Likewise, getting a piece of delicate furniture such as glass in a setting where the users will care little for its value is not wise. The purpose of your purchase should determine the type of material your furniture would be.

  • It should reflect your style

Your table and chair should reflect your style and taste. It should show your kind of person as well as positively relate to the guests you might have over.


Just in case you were wondering if any furniture would tick all the boxes described above, the matching chaise and table I will share with you not only ticks all the boxes but also gives you a maximum feel of the comfort and beauty these matching table and chair would bring you. Chaise refers to any long reclining chair or simply a long chair, and I would be using it interchangeably with ‘chair’.

Elegantly Matching Swan Chair And Table For Living Room 

Get your living room looking at its best with this elegant matching chaise and glass table I will be sharing with you. Both the chair and table are swan inspired and would set the aura of your living room to classy. They are comfortable and can complement almost any general living room decor. They are the TOSCANO Swan Design Fabric Chaise Lounge and the Hand-painted Realistic Swan Glass-top Table.

If there was ever a match made in heaven, this is definitely one of them! The TOSCANO Swan Chaise and the Hand-painted Swan Table sure gives an awesome match to your room. Their colours can blend in easily with whatever decor or curtains that are on display and the comfort and durability they offer are second to none.

1. TOSCANO Swan Fabric Chaise Lounge:

This fashionable long chair swoon-worthy. The elegant couch with a comfortable suspension that sends an upscale decorating message. It is richly hand-rubbed mahogany that recreates a finely aged piece. It is upholstered in a beautifully textured golden wheat-coloured brocade jacquard fabric. With a nice front and back design and pillow roll, this hand-carved mahogany chaise boasts of a swan motif.



2. Hand-painted Realistic Swan Glass-top Table:

Take your living room’s style to a whole new and different level with a hand-painted swan-inspired glass table. This beautiful work of art is loaded with intricate details. It is hand-painted with intricate textures and the swan’s upraised wings hold the glass tabletop in place with suction cups. This realistic swan table will definitely make a unique addition to your living room’s elegant decor.


Products Features

To make you love this matching table and chaise the more, here are the furniture features that will further blow your mind:

  • Material quality

The table is made up of resin and glass. The painting on this magnificent piece is handmade, giving you the feel of personal care and affection.

The chair, on the other hand, is made up of solid mahogany. It is equally hand carved as well, giving you the personal care the table has to offer as well. Precision and dedication at its best is what you will get from these.

  • Material design

The Swan’s upraised wings on the table hold the glass-top in position with suction cups attached. It gives you an image of the swan flapping its wings. The beak of the Swan is equal well coloured and carved to perfection. You would really need to look closer to confirm it’s not an actual swan.

The chair is hand-carved as stated earlier and also has a royalty look about it. It gives the room it occupies a royal allure, and the intricate golden wheat-coloured brocade jacquard fabric on the front and back makes it truly appealing. Also, a pillow that can be detached, as well as the hand-carved mahogany back, displays the wonderful art of the Swan. It is truly a beauty to behold.

  • Best fit and placement

The Swan table can be used in living rooms, entryways, lounges, and dining rooms. It will fit wherever you want a table to fit in. It doesn’t take up much space either so you wouldn’t have to worry about the size of your living room and if it will fit it.

The chair too can fit anywhere in your living room. Since it can take more than one person at once, having only it, or in pair can still serve you just fine. The chaise can easily go alongside the Swan table or you could use it separately. Whatever decision you choose to make wouldn’t take away the beauty and glamour it has to offer.

  • Size and packaging

The Swan table with glass-top has a diameter of 11 inches and the table itself has a height of 15 inches, giving you adequate space to carry out whatever activity you want to right on top. It also has a weight of 6.5 pounds which doesn’t weigh too much for you to move around when you need to rearrange or something.

The chair has a dimension of 73 x 28 x 34 inches and weighs 40 pounds. It is also very movable in case you want to change the position from one place to another.

  • Care and maintenance

They can both be easily maintained by using a dusting brush or horsetail for the chair and a simple rag for the table. To keep the table’s top shining and sparkling, do use a glass cleaning liquid. In the end, you will not really stress yourself much when cleaning any of the two. Just take extra care not to have any serious stains get on the chair and you will be fine.

Why This Matching Piece Of Furniture Is Perfect For Your Living Room

I can guess you are wondering why a matching swan-inspired table and chair in the first place? The major reason is simple. The Swan bird represents and a lot of things. They symbolize faithfulness, sacrifice, and longevity. Having the furniture in your home will easily pass this message across to others seamlessly while also making you feel relatable to the qualities. Here are other reasons to add this furniture to your antique:

  1. It will give your home a very welcoming atmosphere and presence.
  2. It posses the charisma and charm we have all come to admire in the Swan bird.
  3. The handmade design swan chair is perfect for every form of relaxation you can think of. Whether you are sitting or lying down to take a short nap, or simply for the sake of just decorating your home, it has you covered in all aspects.
  4. The Swan table will definitely beautify any home it enters. Its eye-catching design will take your home to a whole new level in beauty generally.
  5. Both the Swan-designed table and the royal touch the chair brings to your home is one you would not regret having at any point in time.

Make Them Yours!

Are you satisfied with the two furniture? Yes? Good! Now make your living room the talk of every guest and get yourself comfortable by clicking this link to get the Swan Long Chair to see price and order for yourself. You can also click this link to see the price of the Swan Glass Table and get yours. They are both on Amazone so head over to their respective links to check them out and even see other great options you can choose from.

Want to complete the look?

If you want to complete your living room’s look with other swan-themed items, here are some fancy swan-designed living room decor you will love. You can click each of the links to be taken to their respective pages where you can see more details, price and make a purchase.

All the above are items created with swan designs or shapes and they are the perfect decor for any living room. I carefully chose the ones that will match the swan chair and table earlier mentioned. So, You can choose to mix and match them as you wish, or simply take them all and do with them whatever you wish.



Having furniture that not only fits or matches your decor, but also resonates with your kind of person is something that should not be overlooked. The two matching furniture mentioned in this post is sure to give you that sense of comfort you desire. It is definitely going to be a choice you would be glad you made.

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